The Accessible Canada Act states that Canada will be barrier free by 2040. While Canada has detailed accessibility standards for the built environment, they focus on access for wheeled mobility devices and ignore people with limited mobility. The following are requirements for accessibility for those with limited mobility:

  • Walk no more than 15m without the ability to sit down and rest.
  • Seating to rest just inside building entrances and on staircase landings.
  • Accessible parking within 15m of building entrance.
  • Seated service offered at the entrance to an office or a self-service kiosk.
  • Time standing of no more than 1 minute without a railing or other form of support or the ability to take a number and sit down while waiting.
  • Seating in front of elevators while waiting, and handrails inside so one doesn’t stand unsupported.
  • Public washrooms no more than 15m from a building entrance.
  • Bring the service to the customer rather than forcing the customer to walk to the service.

This project also found that, when possible, those with limited mobility plan ahead to determine if they will be able to walk safely. Therefore, the project recommended that accessibility standard CSA/ASC B651 be modified by adding a Section 10 titled “Online Information Required to Plan in-Person Visits.”

We want to create an environment where those with limited mobility can participate fully in society.